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Blackbridge Cemetery


Blackbridge Cemetery is located beside Knox Presbyterian Church in Lower Hutt.


Although the cemetery was closed early in the 20th century, a memorial stone was erected about 1950, containing the names of those who were known to be buried there. 

In recent years a second memorial stone has been erected to commemorate people connected with Knox, whose ashes have been scattered in the cemetery. This needs the agreement of the Church Session


This website records these names, but is also intended to record the lives of these people, and others involved in the development of the Presbyterian Chapel in the Hutt, most of whom came to New Zealand in the mid 19th century. Many of them came from Scotland, but there are also a number of folk from England, at least one from Ireland, one born in India and even one from Paris. Many of these people had quite an impact on the development of the Hutt Valley, and this is an attempt to tell some of their stories. 

Knox Church
574 High St
Lower Hutt 5010


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